PPFP – Media Studies

The Public Policy Fellowship Programon Media Studies is designed to enable a comprehensive understanding of media studies, the dynamics of Indian media and its future, objectively.

Eligibility – Anyone above 18 years of age with a reasonably good command over English.

Format – Online

Duration – 8 sessions

Broad Timeline – February to March

Registration Fee – Rs. 500/-


Media, Censorship and Propaganda

Role and effects of censorship and propaganda in the age of instant information through the media and the journey of a free media in India will be highlights

Future of Journalism

Prospects of the future of journalism in India will be analysed and discussed

Emergence of New Media

Impact of latest technologies such as over the top platforms and how they are disrupting the media scene in India as the emergence of innovation platforms will be discussed

Comparative Case Studies

Indian media vis a vis Global Media – an analysis of the status of Indian media in global media platforms by taking into consideration relevant case studies.

Politics, Ideology and Journalism

The session will explore the ideological underpinnings in the field of journalism and whether there is a role played by domestic and or international political scenarios



Praful Shankar

Political Consultant & Columnist
Trial by Media

Dr. Anand Ranganathan

Author & Columnist
Media, Censorship and Propaganda

Abhijit Majumder

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Earshot
Future of Journalism

Advaita Kala

Author, Screenwriter& Columnist
Emergence of New Media: Mainstream Media & OTT

Daya K Thussu

Professor, International Communication
Indian Media in the Global Sphere

Maalan Narayanan

Senior Journalist
Politics, Ideology and Journalism

Sudarshan Ramabadran

Program Head – DAV’s Strategic Initiatives
History of Contemporary Media

Janani Sampath

Senior Journalist
Challenges to Mainstream Media and Journalism

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