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The DAV School of Public Policy has been instituted by the DAV Group of Schools, Chennai to cultivate thinking towards the premise of some of India’s key public policies. Through the DAV School of Public Policy, the aim is to offer certificate courses known as Public Policy Fellowship Programs (PPFP) that seeks to facilitate a better understanding of the topics surrounding public policy by enhancing and enabling knowledge about it. In and through the courses, the fellowship programs also will present to the participants a global, historical, and contemporary context under which these policies are currently placed. It is also an effort to keep the participant apprised and sensitized of key policies and how they, in turn, affect the common man and woman.

The courses offered are enabled by government officials, development practitioners, public policy experts, writers and authors. Armed with their inputs, analysis and guidance, the carefully curated programs facilitates informed discussions and stimulates thinking towards public policy, at large.

Anyone above 18 years of age with a reasonably good command over English can join the courses offered.

This Program is hosted by the Arya Samaj Charitable Foundation and conducted in association with the Tamil Nadu Young Thinkers Forum – an independent not-for-profit forum of young individuals committed to improving the social and economic ecosystem of Tamil Nadu and India.

Advisory Board

Vikas Arya

D.A.V. Group of Schools

J Rajiv Choudhry

D.A.V. Governing Board

R Venkat Varadan

Madras High Court

Nandakumar Venkatraman

Datta Educational Consultants

Shyam Shekar


Sudarshan Ramabadran

Tamil Nadu Young Thinkers Forum


  • A very enriching experience to participate in a one-of-a-kind Public Policy Fellowship Program organised by DAV Shikshanam. The program gave participants a wide view of diverse subjects ranging from ‘India’s Military Might’ to ‘Understanding Healthcare System’ to something very legal – ‘India’s Constitution and Amendments’. The whole objective is to create awareness regarding different subjects pertaining to the country to enable one to become an Informed Citizen.

    Rahul Kothari, CFA (ICFAI), BCom (Hons)​

    Public Policy Fellowship Program​
  • The PPFP course was an exciting ringside view – my first – into a host of subjects ranging from Education, Judiciary, Law & Order, Politics, E-governance – to name a few. The speakers were awesome and the co-participants a diverse mix of achievers. I walked away enlightened and enriched.

    CDR Raja Narayanaswami

    Sr Operations Manager, Amazon
  • I had the privilege of being chosen for the Public Policy Fellowship Programme organised by DAV Shikshanam and TN Young Thinkers Forum. The programme was well organised and structured in multi-disciplinarian pattern. The sessions conducted by various distinguished  and eminent domain experts provided the less disseminated version in contradistinction with popularly constructed narratives. The highlight of every session is the free wheeling deliberations which we had without any subjective restrictions. The course has enriched my knowledge and offered exposure in public policy making touching different fields.The success of the course lies in the fact that I got the feel of having gained deep insights and that I have much more to learn. 

    R.S Raveendhren

    Advocate, High Court of Madras, Columnist
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